God Fixes Equipment

Timothy Mahurin - 07/01/2010

I just want to send a praise report concerning a piece of equipment at work. Chris Garber and I are nurses at a free-standing endoscopy center in Roanoke, Virginia. Last Friday, while Chris was on vacation, one of our two disinfecting processors went down. I grabbed the manual and, after quite some time, determined that one of the pumps in the processor had died. I tried to contact our tech support late in the afternoon, but went to voicemail.

Fast forward to today. I came in early this morning as I usually do (Chris always gets here before anyone else) to have some fellowship with my brother in Christ and told him what happened on Friday. We turned on both processors and I showed him via the diagnostic software that the pump would not function on machine #2 as it does on machine #1. Chris told me to turn off the pump that wasn't pumping and then he told me to turn it back on again, AND IT WORKED!!! I asked him, did you command it in Jesus' name to work? Yes, he did. Praise God, our machine is running like new.