God Doesn't Need Our Help

Terri McGinley - 09/26/2013

I was sick with strep throat on a Thursday night. I was listening in on the conference call on my phone and my husband got online and typed in a prayer request for me.

The moderator talked to us both and prayed for me (as well as for some other things). The pain in my throat went away. But later that night, I started feeling it again, so I did some home remedy things to help it along.

By morning, I was sick again. I was just about to text a friend to let them know I wouldn't be making it to their farewell picnic, but I decided I would wait a little longer. I then just prayed, "Lord, I know Your Word says I am healed and the only reason I haven't manifested it is because either I don't have enough faith or I am waiting on Your timing."

I then was convicted that I shouldn't be taking extra things to "help" God. So I decided not to do that anymore. I also just started praising God and about 20 seconds later I was healed!