God Multiplied Our Gasoline

Kristen Maxfield - 11/11/2008

On Saturday, October 18th, we were driving home from a brother-in-Christ's home which is about 45 minutes from our home in a mountain valley. As we neared the top of the last canyon (about 25 minutes from home), the car started to sputter. I looked over at the gas gauge and realized that we were running out of gas. We prayed out loud, "Oh Lord, please get us to the top of the hill". We had just passed the last chance gas station near the summit. We were hopeful that there would be enough gas left to get us home. (In this particular car, when the gas is low it will sputter on a steep incline but can still go some distance on a decline or on the level before running completely out.) The Lord heard our prayer and we reached the top of the hill. Sure enough, there was still some gas and we began our descent. But, within five minutes or so, we ran out of gas completely.

My husband, Jason, put the car into neutral and we began coasting down the canyon. We laid our hands on the dashboard and commanded whatever residue of gas that there may be to be multiplied in Jesus' name. However, each time that he would try to start the car up, there was still no gas. I began praying in the spirit and also for wisdom for my husband. (We were all acutely aware that at the bottom of the canyon there was still one long hill to conquer, a couple of stop lights, and some level areas.) By the time we reached the bottom of the canyon and began to exit the Interstate, I noticed that the whole family was praying out loud in the Spirit and God's presence seemed tangible. As we proceeded up the narrow exit which consists of some bridges across the freeways, the car began to go slower and slower.

My husband was now driving on the shoulder so the cars behind could get around us. Just before the car came to a complete stop, the Lord multiplied our gasoline! The car started right up, we pulled back out into traffic and continued safely on our way. Tears of joy began gushing down my face and the whole family was exclaiming praise and thanksgiving to the Lord for his goodness and mercy toward us. He showed us that we didn't need the miracle while we were still coasting downhill but we needed it when there was no way out on an uphill overpass with a very narrow emergency lane.

Isn't God awesome?!