God Thwarts EMP Attacks

Doris Hamilton - 09/29/2009

I had a dream last night and I have asked the Lord to help me remember all the details. I can remember that we were in a house that is not this one. It seemed that we were in an area above the ground floor (2nd or 3rd floor) and we were standing in the kitchen -- mountains and trees were around us.

Harrier jet Kaile and I were making a telephone call and suddenly I saw a huge white/gray jet streak (from a Harrier jet?). Then, moments, later there was a bright flash of light and immediately all the electricity was out. I looked down at my phone and we placed our hands on it and it kind of went through a brief screen roll and it sprang to life. So, we walked over to the TV and laid our hands on it and it came to life. I cannot remember much about the news and am asking the Lord for better detail but "EMP attack" was something I heard.

Note from David: Most of my Christian life I have seen God fix electrical and mechanical things through faith. Be ready, saints. God will supply your every need through your faith, even as the Beast makes war on you.