The Fear of The Lord


A few months ago, I was looking around online for some books by Watchman Nee and I ran across your website.

Being brought up by what I now know to be the apostate church, when I saw "America's Last Days", that's something you don't want to hear about because it is never taught.

I entered the site (sovereignly) and began looking at the Sovereign God book. I read one line that changed my life, doctrine and everything I had been taught -- that God is in control of the evil, as well as the good. I thought some things just happened and the devil did some things.

Right then the fear of God came on me and has not left. Although I have been saved for a number of years, I never knew what the fear of God was until I experienced it that day.

Once saved always saved, right? Wrong. I knew then that if God had not intervened, I might be in for a surprise, should I have died in that state. God had something better for me.

I walk more cautiously before the Lord and want to obey Him; I've seen what He can do. Fear of man and fear of Satan is out of the question compared to what God can do.

Thanks for submitting to God and allowing the word of knowledge and wisdom to flow through you. Revelations are keys and He's given us the "Keys of David" (Eells) to unlock the treasures of God.