Food, Controlled of the Spirit

Leona W. - 10/15/2012

For many years, I've had this strange relationship with food and it's been somewhat of a balancing act where I stand with the Lord concerning food.

I've not been able to call it sin because the appetite is lawful but many times I don't feel altogether victorious because food can be decietful that way. Lately, I've been listening to David speaking on Conquering the Soul and progressively I've noticed the Lord teaching me how to not eat anything apart from Him.

Now, if I can't eat something with the Lord in the Spirit, then I don't eat it at all. Also, I don't eat because I hear food calling. This new way has completely set me free from food's power and opened me up for the Lord to take complete dominion over my appetite and make it His own.

I am getting more of the sense that the Lord is causing me to continually abide in the Holy of Holies with Him -- and not just with food but with all things. I'm very excited about the outcome of this new way of walking with Christ.

Just recently, God gave me a spiritual dream that I was at a school and I was standing on a high place looking over my surroundings and I was prompted to turn around and look up at the Moon. Right at that moment, the Moon sprouted hands and took off its warm golden glow and put on a leather vest and transformed into a huge hornet and came directly at me and tried to take a bite out of my right leg, like a dog, but it couldn't get any grip on my flesh. I said right away to the Lord, "Oh, that's right, he can't get a grip now, Lord, because I'm not eating or doing anything in my soul anymore, but I've taken all things into the Spirit".