Focusing on the Savior for Healing

Charlie Barfield - 11/01/2007

I have had a problem that started to manifest at the end of 10th grade. Both my memory and concentration started to fail, getting worse every time I started a new term. Since looking up health info, I thought that it may have been due to a vaccine but I never had any will to go do anything serious about it. Just before I found David Eells I was considering chelation but when I heard about "The Real Good News" I dropped it to see if Jesus would do it. Because I had this curse constantly for seven years, and having the Good News before me, I decided to forget about my problem and keep my eyes on seeking the Kingdom. Then I realized that I was getting my concentration back. Praise God!

I have had an internal problem since puberty that I no longer have; it is healed. There is still a matter of the flesh saying, "Bigger, bigger, bigger" (as in David's dream), which happens when my focus goes to my curse. But if I focus away from my curse, which I have been able to do quite well, I have no problems. If I keep my focus on Jesus the flesh that encourages the problem gets smaller. As soon as I realized I was looking at my curse too often and not at my savior, I KNEW at that moment that I WAS HEALED and this was before any manifestation of healing.