Florida Sinking

Amos Scaggs - 05/14/2011

Land Explodes and Disappears Under Water

I saw a man standing outside where the sparse grass, shrub and green trees were growing in Florida. All of a sudden, the ground all around him began to erupt with small springs of water starting to come up like a water show in Las Vegas. As the pressure continued to increase, the man said, "I have to get out of here before this whole thing explodes."

There was a man in another area and the same thing was also starting to happen to him. I doubt the men ever made it out because the pressure was mounting so fast and the areas disappeared under water.

Note from David: The underground aquifers are being pulled around by the brown dwarf star. This could cause the water to spring out of the earth. Also, underground water coming in contact with lava flow could suddenly push water out by steam. Furthermore, liquefaction, as in Japan, can do this.