Fighting the Fight of Faith

David Mullinix - 03/16/2010

I was spending a good part of the day studying the Hidden Manna for the End Times book.

I had been dealing with a "crud" feeling, sort of like flu symptoms that were trying to take a major hold. I declared that by His stripes I was healed and continued to thank the Lord throughout the day.

Later in the evening, all of a sudden out of nowhere, I began to receive these excruciating pains around the gall bladder region of my body. These were by far the strongest pains I had ever felt in this region of my body.

I began to declare healing scripture. Then I prayed in the Spirit on and off for about two hours.

I asked the Lord for a vision, for "without a vision the people perish". He showed me His stripes on the cross and then He showed me His face with the crown of thorns on His brow.

Oh, how I pressed in with praise and thanksgiving! I knew I would receive a manifestation of my healing for the pains. Within 10 minutes the pain disappeared.

Thank you, Father!

I pretty well stayed up another hour, praising and worshiping the Lord. He's coming!