Feet Healed in Jesus' Name

Bart Stickney - 03/26/2013

For about eight years I watched as an itch on my foot began in a small area, which at first I thought to be athlete's foot, and grew very slowly and expand to eventually cover the soles of both of my feet. After it covered one foot over the course of weeks and months, it expanded to my other foot and slowly grew until it covered the sole of my other foot as well. Unlike itches I have had in the past which would come and go, this one stayed. And not just stayed, it was a constant.

Though I tried not to aggrevate it, its departure was not happening. Every three to four days I would scratch it raw, bandage it up as clean as I could and re-bandage it later. It would slowly heal, then three or four days later, it would itch like all get-out. Walking was painful, mornings were the worst, and running became something I would simply never do. I would change socks several times a day and yet by day four I'd scratch until it was raw.

One day after prayer (on this particular day, I was pretty wound up), I commanded the itch to die in the name of Jesus and declared that I was healed in the name of Jesus, very forceful like what David Eells describes.

From that day it was gone! I noticed that as the hours and then days passed that I was not itching. This astounded me. After three days, my feet were healed enough that I felt like running (just a short point A to point B moment), which unthinkable just the week before. I would get up in the morning without pain, which hadn't happened in several years!

As the weeks turned into months, bizarre is the only way to describe the change from when I was itching to completely healed, pain-free feet. Sure enough, just as David described, months later it tried to stage a comeback. It was forcefully denied.

I have experienced quite a few instances of God's involvement and intervention, but a healing of this magnitude has been a singular undeniable proof I use to validate my pursuit of the Bible through this ministry.