Faith Stops Bleeding

Michele Pivano - 01/08/2008

I just wanted to share a small but exciting testimony with you. Last night, as I was cutting some vegetables to make a soup, I accidentally cut my thumb pretty deep. Ouch! Blood started gushing out non-stop, so I grabbed a tissue and then went to get a band-aid. At this time the Lord brought to my attention to command it to stop bleeding, so I prayed and then I commanded it to stop bleeding in the name of Jesus. About a minute went by and it was still bleeding. I admit, I got discouraged and I almost started to waiver and put on a band-aid, but right then, after I wiped the blood away, I looked at it and praise God, it just stopped bleeding and began to clot like I've never seen before. I then proceeded to cut the vegetables, still being a little careful, but the Lord reminded me that if I am healed then I can just continue to do my work as normal, so that's what I did.

Then I realized that I was still in slight pain, so once again, I prayed and then commanded the pain to leave in the name of Jesus. Would you believe it, within seconds just about all the pain left me. It's funny but right then I stopped what I was doing to log this into my journal, as I planned to send the testimony in to UBM. Wouldn't you know it, the enemy started to make me doubt. The pain came back and I got a slight touch of blood on the surface of my thumb, but the Lord strengthened me to ignore his tricks. I rebuked the thoughts and ignored the blood and continued to do what I was doing, and of course it was completely fine from then on! All the glory goes to the Lord!