Faith Provides Wonderfully

Barry Foster - 04/30/2010

The Lord has opened my eyes to so many things in the last few years and His ministry through UBM is no small part of that. Even though I've considered myself a Christian since I was seven years old (I'm 55 now), I've never been more excited about living for Him.

Since I started learning, approximately a year ago, about exercising my faith, God has taken away my 40-year addiction to nasal spray, healed my dad of blood in his urine, kept my yard mosquito-free last summer, removed the moles out of my yard, restored my garage door opener, fixed my printer, kept my old computer running (in spite of the fact it had absolutely zero free space), got rid of my cat's fleas and restored my windshield wipers after they had not worked for over a year (at the end of a five-month trial of my faith)!

And I've lost count of the times where I felt sickness was coming on and I rebuked it and it retreated.