Evil Contact Objects

Paul Nowlen

Several years ago, I went to the old family plantation in west Georgia, where the new owner was tearing down the home that was built in 1828. My great-great-grandfather was a brick mason by trade and had a number of slaves on the plantation up until 1865. I understand the slaves helped make the bricks that were part of the old homestead.

I secured several bricks for various family members and brought one to my S.C. home and put it in the bookcase as a memento object. It stayed there for several weeks. One morning in prayer I felt the Holy Spirit speak to my spirit and asked me about the "brick".That puzzled me. I spoke openly with the Lord and asked Him why the question. Basically the Lord said to me, "The brick was made by slaves who cursed your g-g-grandfather with African curses, etc., after working on the plantation. Therefore the brick is an accursed object and needs to be destroyed."

I prayed about the matter, sought forgiveness for bringing the object into my home (especially since I am a deliverance minister and active in counseling/deliverance) and for giving other bricks from the home to other family members. I broke the curses, as the Lord revealed them to me, and as I finished my prayer and deliverance I heard a loud scream from the brick. I immediately took it to the recycling center and destroyed it. This was a very dramatic and moving experience for me, and a learning experience about "evil contact objects" and the need for discernment at all times.