Understanding the End Times

I would like to give a testimony and say thank you for all your teaching. It has been such a blessing. The Lord has been dealing with me for two years about the end times and the way the rest of the world was teaching the church will fly away, and for the two years he has dealt with me, your teachings have put all together and have given me confirmation.

Years ago, I was in Africa and there was a man refining gold and we watched as he would bring up the fire until it became black; then he would turn off the fire and scoop off the blackness. He kept doing this over and over. Finally, I asked what he was doing he said he was refining the gold, making it pure. I asked how many times he had to do this. He said until it is pure. I asked when he knew it was pure. He said to me that it was when he could see himself.

I had read many times in the Bible how God would refine us as gold but when the man said when he could see himself I knew we would be pure when God could see Himself in us.

I pray for you and your work in the Lord.

Thank you.