Earth to Go Through Living Hell

Mary Linderman - 08/22/2011

There are no words to describe the place where the souls of those who chose to live their brief life on this planet without God must abide at the end of all things. As I was praying and meditating on the Word of God, a vision came to my mind. I was remembering the words of Mary Baxter, who described her own hellish vision and I asked God for more information about this horrible end to all sin and sinners.

For a brief moment I was physically and mentally overwhelmed by a horrible and deep darkness and an infinite loneliness so profound and all-encompassing that being tortured eternally in a searing flame would have been a blessed relief. I saw the planet from above suspended over a yawning deep and horrible place. I saw the surface of the earth roasting in a fiery cauldron of seething flame like the sun, but it was alive at the same time. It was alive with people animals, trees and fish. Yes, even the ocean was an orange wave of hot lava. They all answered to God. This was not hell but the underlying manifestation of all life before the reformation of the new Earth and the new Jerusalem. I knew that this was not a passing or capricious thought but a mental picture that I will never forget.

This yawning pit is the eventual death, perhaps the second death of all things that are fallen from grace. I am deeply grateful to my Lord Jesus for saving me from this eventuality. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.

Note from David: This represents the living hell that the wicked of Earth shall feel during the tribulations to come, as a warning of the greater hell that awaits those who do not repent.