Clothes Dryer Testimony
Chris Stewart - 05/06/2017

Hi all,

I turned my clothes dryer on and there was a slight burning smell. Next time I tried, there was nothing but a humming sound, in the key of B for broken. Anyway today, Saturday, Ray and I went into the basement and tried cleaning out the ductwork that goes from the back of the dryer, down through a hole in the floor, makes a U-turn and runs under the floor to a hole in the outer wall: a total of 15 feet or so. The duct was completely clogged at the back of the dryer and the rest of it was 75% blocked, so we dug out until Ray decided to give up on that and just go buy new ductwork.

A couple hours later, after all that work and reconnected, we pressed the button and got nothing but HUMMMMmmm. Ray manually spun the drum with the button on, but the song continued. So we determined that either the blocked exhaust had caused the motor to seize, or the drum belt had slipped. Ray opened up the top panel to find the belt still in place. We googled parts and found they dont sell the entire motor, so now the internet search was on for a new dryer. And thats when I started to remember all the times Jesus had fixed broken things for us in the past. Like the truck that quit running for the summer group, the church van that wouldnt start up (full of children and way out in the country), the computer tower CD drawer that wouldnt open, and on like that. So we decided to combine our faith and pray over this dryer. Then with the start button in and a tiny push on the drum as a "work" to go with our faith ("Faith without works is dead"), the motor kicks on and the dryers fixed!

Boy, did we praise God and do a happy dance all around the room. Jesus never lets us down when we pray in faith, praise His holy Name.