Dog Healed

Lori Tucker - 12/15/2010

I had testified before that I had told the Lord I no longer wanted to pay another vet bill, that I would like Him to heal our pets. He healed one of our our cats very quickly awhile back. A few days ago, I noticed our dog was having trouble urinating and told Bob about it.

Well, yesterday morning when I let her out to go, I noticed she only urinated a few drops of blood. I immediately had her come back in the house and I anointed her with oil and prayed a prayer of faith. I also asked the Lord to give me greater faith to believe and told her that she was healed in Jesus' name.

Throughout the course of the day nothing changed but I continued to believe and cast down every thought of doubt at Jesus' feet. Well, I let her out this morning and she was able to urinate and has been going fine all day!

I praise the Lord for healing our animals, just as He does us, and I thank Him for the testimonies He provides for us to share to build others' faith! All glory goes to Him alone!