Desperation for Food

Deborah Rennier - 10/23/2008

In a dream, I found myself standing in a large parking lot. It was a Kroger grocery store. The lot was full of cars and people were having fist fights over parking places.

I entered the store. I saw throngs of people shoving and pushing to get at items on the shelves. They were fighting over food. I looked down an aisle and saw a clerk who had been knocked down by all the mayhem. I helped her up and asked her what was going on. She said, "Everything is half-price. We are closing the store. Please help me get out of here. They can have the food."

I watched as she was knocked over again and people walked on her to retrieve items off of shelves. I watched as other clerks were assaulted; it was total chaos.

I went outside to the parking lot and watched as people began pulling guns and knives on one another.