Delivered from Smoking Demon of 29 Years

Denise Wiley - 04/04/2013

Praise God! I wanted to share what the Lord has done for me. The Lord delivered me from smoking. I had been trying to deliver myself for a while. I have been listening to the teaching on your website, plus I read Watchman Nee on your site. Then the other day I was listening to the testimony where the married couple had been delivered from smoking. I heard a still small voice say to step out in faith and throw the tobacco away. Then David Eells started talking about stepping out in faith and throwing the stuff away. Then he said sometimes it's a demon.

I know I had one because I had a dream a couple years ago and I was looking at myself in a mirror and my eyes were red and I was blowing smoke out. When I woke up blowing, I knew I had a demon. I smoked for 29 and I have tried and tried, so the other day I told the demon to leave but I could not throw the tobacco away. I felt sick and went to bed early. When I got up the next morring, I smoked one cigarette and I repented for an evil heart of unbelief. Then I heard again, "Throw the tobacco away", so I went and threw it away and started confessing the Word that I am delivered from all sin. I have been doing that for about three weeks.

Well, I felt God's presence fall on me and I am delivered after 29 years. I could not stop crying for five hours. When I told the demon to leave, I asked God to fill me with His Holy Spirit in its place. Amen.

Thank you for your ministry God bless.