Deliverance from Bitterness & More

Shelly Lynch - 3/08/12

I just had to share that the Lord has done a mighty deliverance in my life yesterday! Hallelujah!

I had been struggling with resentment ever since my husband gave my daughter permission to get a puppy without my knowledge or desire. I felt betrayed and resentment soon crept into my heart. I had been praying and seeking the Lord's deliverance. Well, I thought I had cast out resentment fully, but yesterday something happened that opened my eyes to see the other demons which had come in with resentment and bitterness.

The puppy is being house trained and, of course, it had another accident on my daughter's carpet. I became livid and angry immediately and started shouting. I realized that spirits of anger, retaliation, temper, hatred and murder were in my heart! I began to pray and out of my mouth the Lord delivered me from all of these other spirits, as well as bitterness and resentment! They came out in a flurry of righteous indignation and tears, and now I am at peace! I realized that when we "'resist the devil, he will flee from" us!

Later that night, I read the next chapter of Pigs in the Parlor, which I have been reading about deliverance. Wouldn't you know, the Lord sent a confirmation that demons often come in groupings when they gain a foothold? Well, when I saw the heading of Bitterness and looked at the list of demons underneath, sure enough, I saw the same ones the Lord had cast out of me today! Praise His holy name!

I just had to share the good news with you! Thank you so much for your prayers! I believe now that hatred is gone from my heart and that the Lord is going to fill me up with peace and joy and His love! Amen!