Deliverance from Scoliosis

David Mullinix - 10/24/2011

Back about July 2005, my brother-in-law bought me a book by Henry W. Wright entitled, A More Excellent Way: A Teaching on the Spiritual Roots of Disease. I found the book to be quite fascinating and, as the British say, "spot on" in many ways. (Note from David Eells: There is definitely a connection between a sin and its curse. Quite often a sickness can identify the sin.)

I have a very good friend, Anthony, whom I've known since I was saved in 1981. We have conversed via phone for the last five to six years, since he lives in Ohio and I live in South Carolina.

A couple of years ago, he mentioned in passing that he's had scoliosis since childhood. I didn't say anything to him about that but went to Henry Wright's book and looked up what he had to say about scoliosis. I kept this to myself because I didn't feel right bringing it up to Anthony yet, but I knew the time would come as the Lord gave me freedom to do so.

Today, I received an email from Anthony asking me to pray for him for deliverance from a particular sin. He did not go into deep detail, but gave me a hint. I replied I would pray for him in a moment, but I wanted to know when his scoliosis had began and if, in fact, it had begun about the time of his traumatic incident. He replied back that, as a matter of fact, it did begin right after the traumatic incident. I decided to give him a call.

We talked and he made a full confession of the incident. I then quoted James 5.16 to him and told him that there was now nothing in the way for his deliverance. I prayed over the phone with him in full agreement and, glory be to God, a 100-pound weight came off my friend and he was delivered from the evil spirit of scoliosis and was healed!

I came back in the house and knew I needed to let you and the elders know so we could all rejoice together, in Jesus' name!