Dealing With Children and Profanity

Jenn Reams - 02/28/2012

I got to watch God turn something ugly into something really beautiful. Sunday night, Trinity asked me what the "F-word" meant. I told her since there were no words that she would understand, it meant she wasn't ready to hear that. However, I said that the history of that word is evil and oppressive. (For those who don't know, it's an acronym for "Fornicating Under Consent of the King". In the movie Braveheart, the King of England wanted to breed out the Scottish race by being the first to 'deflower' newly wed Scottish brides. He was probably not the first to practice this, but this is a good example of what that word truly means).

Anyway, she told me she saw it written at the playground, so told her I would find it and call maintenance the next day. I found it not only had the ugly word, but a girl's full name written next to it. When I called maintenance, the idea came for Trinity and I to clean it, so I got their permission and we went after school. I told her we were not only going to clean it up, but we were defending this young girl's name and fighting a spirit of gossip/slander. Getting out of the car, she said, "I'm excited! I don't know why". I said, "Because we're doing work for the Lord". She said, "I love doing work for the Lord!" Praise God! Trinity and I had joy in doing the Lord's work. That was the excitement she felt and there is nothing like it!

We also prayed for the young girl and the girls/boys who wrote the slander. Trinity also showed me other places profanity was written, but it was on the wood and wouldn't come out. So I called maintenance and told them all the spots it was found and they are going to finish cleaning the rest. We prayed they would act swiftly.

There were many different reactions that could've taken place. Anger, offense, fear, overwhelm, etc., would've been normal reactions for any mother and definitely for me. Instead, there was peace, wisdom, compassion and faith in action! These attributes don't come from us, they come from God! All glory to Jesus Christ in us! Amen.