Dad's Back Was Healed

Sean Lynch - 11/09/2009

My dad, last week, came down with sharp pain in his back over the weekend. The pain intensified and got to the point that he could not go to work. He had to lay down on his back all day just to get a little bit of comfort. Today, my mother brought him to the doctor's office. They did some tests on his back and the doctor said they found a fracture in his back. They immediately called the ambulance to take precautionary measures. I heard all this news from afar. I was returning home from my in-law's house.

My wife, who had to be at work, left our in-law's house before I did and told me all the news over the phone. The Lord showed me through the Word that he had already healed my dad, even if he was a nominal Christian, because he has shown me through the scriptures about household salvation. So I started praying for my dad to be healed, confessing his healing in the car and standing on the scriptures.

When I got home, I talked to my wife about my dad and she told me that they had sent him to the ER. At the ER, more tests were done on my dad's back. Only this time they found nothing and sent him home.

Later today, I was listening to last night's UBBS and I heard a few of the testimonies that convinced that me that the Lord heard my prayer about my dad and that he took away the fracture in his back.

I called my mom and told her about my prayer. I told her I believed that Jesus has healed Dad. I could sense in her voice that she was believing. My mother told me, "It was quite strange. The medics on the ambulance and the doctor were quite convinced that there was something wrong with your father's back. Why would they send him on the ambulance?" She thought it was odd that the doctors in the ER did more tests on his back and this time could not find anything.

Praise the Lord; He healed my dad on the ambulance ride over to the hospital.