Criminal Psychiatric Drug Pushers


Note from Bill M.: I personally have this video. I found it online five months ago. My wife committed suicide five years ago from taking these pills. My mother died 1 1/2 years ago from taking these pills. My sister died last year from taking these pills. Because of greed for money, thousands of people are dying daily.

"Pharmakeia", the Greek word for "sorcery", is our modern-day word "pharmacy". Satan is deceiving millions through this. In Revelation, it says that they did not repent of their sorceries.

The people who made this video (click here for more) are secular and do point out the destructive nature of psychotropic drugs but they do not offer any Christian solution to the problem. However, they do think that diet and exercise help improve the symptoms these people experience. To me, this mass exposure of drugs that come in the guise of (false) hope is nothing more than murder and the doctors and pharmaceutical companies are getting away with it.