Confusion and Frustration Beaten

Jenn Reams - 12/10/2010

Yesterday: After being absolutely joyful on the way back from picking Trin up from school, we got home. It seemed like the minute we entered the house, I was grumpy. Suddenly, it was hard to think and I didn't want to think about anything. I also felt tired and frustrated, snapping at Trin for everything she said and did. Then, Josh walked in the door. That was when I noticed he was doing the same thing. Then it hit me: I was happy before I got home ... what happened? Could this be spiritual? So, I prayed.

Then, I asked Josh if anything had happened at work to make him grumpy. Was he grumpy before he got home? He said no and he'd had a good day. So, we talked about it for a minute, comparing notes and it came to me that, yes, it was spiritual and we needed to rebuke confusion and frustration. So, with very few words, I rebuked them in Jesus' name, Josh and Trinity agreed, and it was gone! Just like that!

Immediately, I felt better physically. My thoughts were clear and collected, and Josh and I both quit snapping at each other and Trinity. It changed our whole demeanor!

I'm not sure where these spirits came from, but I had thrown some old cds away and didn't bind them beforehand. Maybe it was that? In any case, they're bound now and those spirits are gone. We enjoyed the rest of the evening to the fullest! PBTG! He's a good Dad!