Collapsed Veins Restored

Stephen Bellino

Thanks to everyone for standing with me regarding my dad last UBBS meeting. They did the angiogram thingy on my dad to open collapsed veins from bypass surgery he had last year; they said he needed this due to these veins collapsing. Well, he was out of the hospital yesterday after doing the angiogram but found no collapsed veins! They apparently said that all the veins are pumping blood just fine! PTL! I give thanks and Praise to God for His endless mercy and grace towards us. This gives time to my dad to believe in the Gospel. Thank you all for believing with me.

On another note, three people I knew from when I was in the world were killed in a house fire on Monday: a man, a woman and her 18-month-old baby. The fire was believed to be deliberately set. I used to play with the little boy and knew them pretty well but had not seen them for at least six months. I am fine about it as there is not much I can do at all, only to say that the child is now safely in the hands of our God. I cannot say that for the other two as they were addicted to amphetamines. GBU all my brothers and sisters, stand strong and be of good cheer, for Lord our God will strengthen our hearts in due time!