Cell Phone Restored

David and Rachel Mullinix - 12/09/2009

Let me first say, I love this training from the Father; we're always building our faith on ours and others' previous experiences and testimonies, in accordance with the Word.

Rachel left work with a sweet ice tea, which is a rare thing, and placed it in her cup holder. Driving home from work, without realizing what she was doing, she placed her cell phone where she always does by habit -- in the cup holder where she had placed the cup of sweet ice tea. About five minutes into her 22-minute trip home, she got a call from me, heard it ringing, of course, reached for the phone, but realized it was setting in the cup of tea.

She freaked out, couldn't see the screen on the phone and ripped the battery out, hoping the phone would be ok.

Well, it wasn't.

The screen and the lights blinked on and off, sputtering, and then would go dead. (I am sure this has happened to others, as well). Anyway, I told her, "Look, the car was healed, the iron was delivered from death and now it's time for the cell phone to be restored, in Jesus' Name!"

We both (as always) agreed in prayer. We turned it back on and saw that it was better, but I laid my hand on it and told it to come back to its original working order. It came back about 75% of its original working order. That night Rachel called me from work and said, "The phone is completely back".

Thank you, Father! "Faithful is He who calleth you who also will do it". (1Th.5:24)