Preserved Through a Terrible Car Accident


I was driving on a road north of Ft. Worth around 6:00 pm. In all honesty, I was speeding, going about 80 mph. The only thing I had with me was the book, Sovereign God for Us and Through Us by David Eells. It started to rain and I took a curve too fast. The car hydroplaned off the road and I hit a power pole head on. I was wearing my seatbelt and the airbag deployed while the power pole broke and the car rolled over three or four times and came to a halt on its side.

Not a hair on my head was harmed. No bruises, no broken bones, nothing.

The first words I saw after the car came to a halt were the words, "Sovereign God" -- the first two words on the front of the book.

The emergency crew pulled me out of the car after they shut off the power to the surrounding power lines, as the fallen power lines were laying near the car. After they pulled me out, they told me I owed no monetary damages for hitting a power pole. Also, before the accident, my dad wouldn't let me sell the car but the insurance company paid for the car at full price after the accident.

I know God saved my life, used your book to tell me why in a very awesome way and turned it into a blessing. He is sovereign.