Can't Afford NOT to Give

A sister in Christ - 09/24/2007

Hello, brothers and sisters! The Lord put it in my heart to bless a Christian family in need. I don't have much money but am very, very rich in the Lord and have my needs met abundantly. I was given a certain sum for my day and was looking forward to using it to bless a Christian family in need because I almost never have the opportunity to give money, as I am a stay-at-home mom and do not handle the finances. Giving is such a joy in the Lord.

A few days later I received a check as a gift. Then today my family received a large gift of money that was 20x larger than I had given away. I have also been given clothes, many brand new, for my newborn. God's provision for our family is so evident and I praise Him for it. My husband is not yet walking in obedience to the Word but God still honors my faith and provides miraculously for our family. Last year our tax return for a family of five was under $20,000 and we lived in an area where the median income was $90,000. He certainly has been multiplying for us.

He is faithful, true and a GOOD Father.