Healed of Cancer


I have a praise report!

One of our friends was diagnosed with a very rare, very large, inoperable cancerous tumor located behind the ribcage and they felt that there might have been brain involvement. The diagnosis came in January and we gathered around and prayed corporately and many individuals prayed on their own.

I visited Robert with his daughter, Kristen, just about a month ago because he was hospitalized due to exhaustion and virtual starvation. He is 5'11" and weighed 113 that day. I held Robert's hand and just cried out to Jesus upon seeing what the chemo was doing to Robert's body. I told him that I thought the chemo was doing more harm than good and he said he just wanted to stop it.

Although the doctors felt he had many treatments to go. Robert acknowledged that Jesus could do it, he just wasn't sure if Jesus would do it for him. I told Robert that he needed to just get strength enough to go fishing (his favorite thing) and LIVE.

He went fishing the following week!

Faith without works, right?

When he got back he went back to the docs, they wanted to test to see how much more chemo he could stand. Well, guess what! He did and had tests and got a call last Monday...the doctors called to just tell Robert that HE IS CANCER FREE!

Praise be to our Lord, the glory goes to God! He loves us so much!

Thank you, UBM, because you prayed for him, too! He and his wife, Stacey had just lost their daughter, Tonya, in December. We sent a prayer request and thank for praying for all of them! And mighty humble thanks to our Sovereign God! What an Abba we have!