California Nuked Into the Sea?

Sultana - 09/17/2007

The year before 9/11, I dreamed of four explosions. I told my husband that the World Trade Center was blown up and I saw an explosion on the ground, then I saw the Pentagon explode.

In the fall of 2003 I began to hear the sound of pinging like that of a submarine. I began to pray and ask God what this was and He gave me this dream: I saw a small black submarine, shaped like a fat cigar off the cost of California. Then I saw it fire a missile and hit the land, breaking off and sinking a big part of California. Then I saw flood waters sweep over a large part of the rest of California and I woke up.

(Note from David: I have heard this before for California and Florida. The Russians and Americans were doing research to use nukes to turn the earth beneath large areas fluid to sink them.)