Burned Fingers

Katherine DeVengencie - 09/21/2010

I had an unexpected miracle that I wasn't even believing for. I made a large skillet of food, put it in a container and took it to my son's house. I did not realize that the electric stove was still on under the pan when I left the house.

I came back a short time later, turned on the water in the sink to wash the pan, took the pan by the handle, brought it over to the sink and proceeded to grab the hot pan with all my fingers. Tears started to come right away from the pain. Immediately, without thinking, I hollered, "Lord, why didn't you tell me I left the burner on?" Instantly, as I hollered that, the pain stopped. I looked at my fingers and they were not red and they did not hurt anymore, so I just kept washing the pan.

It happened so fast, with no signs of being burned, that I thought maybe I was imagining that I burned my fingers, but I then remembered the tears were coming and I felt the pain. I am still amazed.

Possibly I was healed because I am very conscience of the Lord being with me because He is my Husband all the time. Just a guess, but so very thankful.