Bernanke/Paulson Crash Unavoidable

Michael Weber - 10/12/2008

In a dream, I was watching a red airplane trying to take off. This plane could not get off the ground; it had two pilots. (After meditating on the dream, I realized they were Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson.) They tried towing the plane behind a vehicle to get it in the air but nothing was working. It would get up in the air slightly, then fall back down. Finally, the plane bounced up into the air and started spinning violently. The wing fell off and the plane crashed to the ground. The two pilots looked hurt but I wasn't sure if they were killed or just injured.

I saw that the red plane is debt and the financial system, which is spinning out of control and no matter what efforts are done to get it up in the air it won't work.