Authority Over Demonic Hindrance

Lori Tucker - 05/13/2010

The Lord has been leading me on quite a journey here in these past months. He has been showing me about faith and spiritual authority in Christ and many truths from His Word. In my morning prayer time, I was praying specifically about a situation and standing in the authority of Christ in this. I was quickly reminded that I should expect some kind of trial. Later in the morning, I went out to mow our property. I really needed to get it done, as I was expecting company. We have five acres, so there is quite a bit to do and I had been mowing for a while when I had stopped to go in for a bit. When I had come back out, I got on the mower and turned the key. It wouldn't start. I got off and messed with the fuel line and did a few other things and got back on. I tried to start it a few times. Nothing.

I got off and decided to wait a bit. When I came back awhile later, I tried it again. It still wouldn't start. I was getting really frustrated at this point and did not like what I was feeling. I stopped and prayed that it would start. I turned the key a few more times but to no avail. I prayed again and said, "Lord, what do I need to do?" Immediately, a testimony I had read on UBM about a man having car trouble that was actually a demonic hindrance came to mind. I knew what I needed to do. I then said, "In the name of Jesus, I bind the spirit that is stopping this mower from working!" and then turned the key. It turned over and slowly started gaining more power each second! I was screaming "Hallelujah!" at this point! I sang and praised the Lord while I mowed on!

I am so thankful to the Lord, not just for the mower, but to be called His child!