Saved from the Curse of Allergies

Marlene - 09/30/2007

Several months ago the Lord seemed to have supernaturally led me to UBM's website. I honestly don't know how I got there ... one click led to another and there I was! I've been blessed ever since! Rarely a day has gone by that I haven't been listening to or reading one of the UBBS teachings.

My faith is not consistently yet where it needs to be but I think I am growing and I trust that The Lord will finish the good work He has begun in me.

One morning I woke up with poison ivy on my face. In many times past the only solution would be a steroid shot and medication (often having to return to the doctor for a second shot and more medication).

That evening as I was listening to one of the "unedited" UBBS, David was praying for someone (I can't recall for whom or what) and he began "binding."

All of a sudden The Holy Spirit prompted me to "bind" the rash from spreading. I did that (in The Name of Jesus), along with confessing that "by The Stripes of Jesus" I have been healed.

The rash did not spread and in about 10 days all traces of the rash were completely gone!

I know it was The Lord because I have had poison ivy many, many times and had been severely allergic each time. (I say had because now I realize by the grace of God and through UBBS that I am no longer under the curse and don't have to receive these things.)

Recently I had a similar situation due to a bee sting (which again, in the past have been extremely allergic and always required medical treatment). The Lord healed me without a trip to the doctor that day too!

What David says seems to be true: "When you have the insurance you will need to use it." Well, we have been without it since June 2006 and The Lord has been taking care of us!

I have even been trusting that The Lord has healed me of high blood pressure and haven't returned to the local "free" clinic for medication.

To God be all the glory!