Terrorist Attack on Seattle Vision

Jim in Baltimore, Maryland

I had an open vision on 4/25/05 of an upcoming terrorist attack against the United States. As I approached His Throne room, I felt the winds of the second heaven on my face. Up ahead I saw tiny white lights everywhere (they were angels) then I saw His brilliant white Throne. I was in the very presence of God. Trembling, I asked Him to show me plainly the future of the United States. He said, "I will show you a small fragment".

I saw two large natural disasters that are coming to America because they refuse to repent. I saw the eruption of the Yellowstone geyser. I saw an earthquake that absolutely devastated the State of California. Then I asked the LORD to show me if there are any more terrorist attacks coming to America. And He said, "Look down there!" And I saw a train going around two mountains in a valley, and then I saw the words, "SEATTLE WASHINGTON". As the train came into the words, the entire train exploded. I said LORD, "when will this happen?" And He said, "Not too many days from now". I thanked and praised Him, and then I came back down to the first heaven. Let's all pray and intercede that the LORD will have mercy on this country. Perhaps if He finds ten righteous as He told Abraham, He just might.

Today (4-28-05), the Lord gave me a word of knowledge that for three years evil men have purposed in their hearts to plot against Seattle, and the Lord will not intervene unless the saints ask Him to (Mark 11:24).