The Sword Is Coming to Atlanta

(Please see Catastrophe Delayed Momentarily in 2005)

Note from David: I have received two dreams from people; one lived South of Atlanta and one northeast, in which they were receiving refugees into their home. We certainly will have to be ready wherever we live to help out and be a witness.

April Fields' Dream

Ron and I lived in a very large house but still there was a limited number of bedrooms. We had invited a number of friends and family to come spend the weekend with us. The bedrooms filled up quickly but then a late arrival - a couple who brought 16 more people with them - made it necessary for me to rearrange to accommodate them all. I recall that the people were families with different ages of children and none of them spoke English. And as I was sorting out where people would sleep I realized I would have to feed these people, too. I awoke while making a shopping list for food.

Ron and April live outside of Atlanta.

The Dream by Sam Cathey

A month ago, Dale Cathey's oldest son Sam told him that he had a dream. Immediately prior to him telling this, Jeanne Beech quoted Gen. 41:32 -- that the doubling of a dream meant it is fixed, and that it will come to pass shortly.

Sam said that in his dream he and his dad were coming up out of a subway and when they came up everything in Atlanta had been destroyed -- not a building remained.

Dale and Sam didn't know about the above article.

Jeanne lives 150 miles from Atlanta and has been shown she will have refugees in her home.

Tony and Vicky Hinton

We live in Georgia about 40 miles below Atlanta. My husband had a dream about two years ago about bombs hitting Atlanta.

There is a brother in downtown Atlanta that ministers on the streets and also takes food and supplies mostly to poor mothers with children who have no income. But they feed whoever they can.

As he has been ministering on the streets, about a year ago he felt in the spirit a strong darkness come over the city. Now Atlanta has always been in darkness, but this was a darkness like none he had ever felt.

He and some of the brothers had noticed that some of the homeless people were disappearing. They have no home and no money, so they wondered why so many of them were gone all of a sudden and no one on the street knew what happened to them. This began to increase greatly.

About 6 months ago, maybe a little longer, he and the brothers took food to some poor families in a trailer park. There were a lot of poor families living in the park. As they continued to take food to them every week, they noticed that there were a lot of foreign men moving into the park.

Every week they increased. They were Middle Eastern men who were posing as Mexicans. Most of them just would not speak at all, but the ones who did were speaking to the brothers in Spanish and said they were Mexican. Since there has been a great influx of Mexicans in the area some of the brothers had learned some Spanish over the years.

One brother who could speak Spanish well said that his Spanish was better than their Spanish. It is obvious that they are not Mexican, but middle eastern.

The brothers went to the authorities but nothing has been done. They said there was nothing they could do???

Well, several months ago, one of the brothers started feeling in his spirit to move out of the Atlanta area. He felt that his work was about over there. He felt to search for a place in the Tennessee area. He and his wife even went there, and had decided to move.

Then his wife started changing her mind and started backing out of moving. So this brother became concerned because he felt he was hearing this from the Lord.

So last week he began to fast and seek the Lord on this issue. Three days into the fast, early in the morning around 4 am, he was awakened. He looked up and there was a light in the room next to the wall at the other end of his room.

Then suddenly an angel stepped out of the light, like he just stepped through the wall. As he stepped from the light into the room, he called the brother by name as he was pulling a sword from its sheath. The brother said he could hear the metal scraping as he pulled it from the sheath. He raised the sword.

He then said, calling him by name, that "The Lord God" had put it into his heart to move from this place, and he was to take his family and move, because "The Lord God" was bringing the sword to this city. He also said that he "must leave soon". He repeated these instructions twice. Then he stepped backed into the light and disappeared.

This brother has never had a visitation like this before. He told his wife. She said that God would have to show her.

Please pray for this family and all of us who are in the area. I believe this might go with the word coming forth about multiple areas being hit before the year is out.

(Note from Jeanne Beech: I do not recall where this came from, but this week I read that this man has been instructed to leave by July.)

(Note from Dave: The invasion over the borders is preparing America for the fall. The Minutemen are trying to close the door after the fox is in the coupe. I hope the brother will obey whether his wife will or not. He should remember Lot and his wife.)

Update from Tony and Vicky

Another brother in the Atlanta area has had an angel visit. The angel instructed him to leave the Atlanta area. After the visit he prayed and fasted for further instructions. As he was praying, he heard the Lord in an audible voice say that he was to leave Atlanta and he was to be gone by July. He gave no other details.

Whether something is happening in July was not confirmed, only that he had to be gone by then. He was not told why either. So he is moving in blind faith and obedience.

We live 40 miles below Atlanta and as of yet have had no instructions. We are waiting on the Lord, but have no fear nor sense no danger to us personally. This must be something that will affect downtown Atlanta, as all these brothers living in the heart of Atlanta.

My son who has gone away from the Lord as he has left home lives right in the heart of Atlanta, also. Please agree with us for his protection as he has a calling that he has turned away from at the present. The Lord be merciful to his own.

Attack on Atlanta?
James Jones

I woke up from a very disturbing dream at 6:40 am on 9-10-05. I felt prompted to put it down on paper. I live in Atlanta, Georgia, but I am not sure that this dream is only for Atlanta.

In the dream, after bringing everything into the garage at night, I went into my house and shut the two garage doors. (Our current house only has only one garage door.) I then went to bed. In the middle of the night I heard a disaster alarm siren going off outside in the distance so I got up to look outside through a bedroom window. I looked for a while but at first I did not see anything. Then all of a sudden I sensed that all the air in my room was being sucked outward away from me. I immediately knew something was wrong and called out to my family that they needed to evacuate to the basement of our house immediately. They were all asleep but heard my warning when I yelled out with urgency. I first heard my mother call out, "How long before we have to get into the basement, do we have two hours time?" My reply was stern: "You better be down in the basement in two minutes". (Based on my understanding that one day equals one thousand years in God's time, then two minutes could equal 83 days which would land on approximately Dec. 2, 2005; but I'm not sure and don't have any divine revelation on how long two minutes God time equivocates to our time.)

When running down into the basement I passed by the door to the garage and I saw my brother who was standing in the doorway. He asked me if I should put the doors to the garage down. I knew something was wrong because the doors were suppose to be down, so I went out to the garage to look. When I got into the garage both doors were somehow up. At this time I was able to see outside into the distance much better but I noticed the disaster alarms had stopped ringing. When I stood outside my garage I saw about 5-10 miles off in the distance a large black twirling cloud. At first I thought it was a cloud from a nuclear explosion but I looked at it carefully and it had the look of a nuclear explosion as well as the look of an F4 or F5 tornado tearing up everything. It seemed like it was both. The dream then ended.

I knew the doors being up had a specific meaning and believe we have but a little time to evacuate before the storm comes upon us. I have known that the judgment storms will be coming upon our nation and I have always planned on emergency preparations to try to ride it out. It might be wise to rethink this mindset and get out while we still have a small window of time.

The mathematical configuration I could determine was using the one day God time = 1000 years earth time.

(Note from David: A brother calculated if "a thousand years is as one day", two minutes would be 511 days, or approx. 17 months. That could be approx. 17 months after 9-10-05, which would be about mid-March of 2007. Being in the basement before two minutes could indicate abiding in the secret place of Jesus before judgment falls.)

Amos Skaggs said: G-d said He would postpone the destruction on America one more time to show His mercy to the believer because they prayed for this country. BUT HE WILL NOT DO IT AGAIN. I saw this Aug. 3, 2005 and recorded it also.