... in This Place Called "Time"


Dear Brother David,

How can I ever thank you? I want to let you know that God has revealed to me the glorious pieces of the puzzle that were missing in my understanding of my journey here in this place called "time".

I have strived for so long to see and understand the salvation experience. Because of your teaching, the desire became even more powerful in my life. When I said that I had been living in the wilderness for 40 years, God then showed me that I had literally been born in this wilderness from my earthly mother. All my time here has been wilderness in a large sense. The only way out of here is through Jesus. When I heard you speak of God's Seed as sperma it changed my perception of my understanding. And your explanation of Christ being formed in us made the picture even more clearer.

I returned to the cross and God showed me a picture of the great exchange. My death on that cross, new wine in new wineskins, and that Christ and I are one. All of these were just facts to me and I couldn't perceive them until now. Your teaching has opened up my understanding in such a powerful way that I am rejoicing and realizing that I have found the lost coin. Revelation is coming to me quickly and so much of my "letter" study has come alive for me. God's plan for his creation is truly Awesome. All of this has happened since my first email to you. One more thing" when I listen to you teach, I see Jesus.

All glory and praise to Him.