Never Give Up

Sarah Hunt

Never Give Up

Sarah Hunt


Date: unknown

'Never Give Up' you've heard before How can it be said if we have not read The Source of Love itself does give

The strength it takes to just endure Endurance is not an easy word To experience it, is just absurd

To many a mind fixed on short term But for those who seek the truth is heard Face the pain and see it through

To know sometimes is not enough To live and give is all it takes For life to move forward, on and up

Hope endures all things it says We pray for hope that last all days For hope itself is hard to find

When stuck in perpetual grind A freedom comes through knowing You He Who Is and Was and Whose

Name is written in your souls Open up to let it breathe Endure all things is not a chore

A gift is yours when He enters the door Eternal life of love and joy Is yours to have when choosing life

I am the Way, the Truth and Life He said with kindness in His heart And offers a way to make it through

With just enough of Him for you Have courage, my friends, life is sometimes hard We can endure, we have that heart