Standing Strong in the Spirit

Ron Coulson

Standing Strong in the Spirit

Ron Coulson


Date: unknown

As I get still before you Lord, I want to see your blazing sword I would to hear You say to me, Son bend your knee as I knight thee

Now rise up Son before my throne, For I have called you as my own For I would have you do for me, Things impossible for eyes to see

From your Mother's womb my hand's upon thee, That I might shape your Destiny You will go from here to there, As I send you, under my care For I have placed My power within you,

To go and do, as I send you The powers of darkness cannot see, The things I have prepared for thee For you will go with my power,

To dispel darkness in this hourKeen insight I have given you, To understand: now, go and do For I am with you all the time

That I will show that you are mine Warring Angels are with you, And will assist where I send you And now you know my love for you,

As you go forth in all you do For I have made a way for you, To overcome the enemy too My protection is there to keep you safe,

As you travel from place to place And as you go, this you will know: My love for you will always grow My hand's upon you to lead the way,

And that is why, I will say Be blessed my Son in all you do ,For I the Lord have done it too My Father's heart I share with you,

To keep you safe in all you do Thus says a Father to a Son: "Well Done...My Precious One"