Giants in Our Land

Ray Capps

Giants in Our Land

Ray Capps


Date: unknown

Giants in our land are as large as we think. Belief in them is what makes them grow. Doubt in God increases the power of their link.

Confessing them will bow you low. But people of the Promised Land believe the Great I AM.

The good confession is on their lips and on their heart. The promises of God are where they stand.

And from at Rest they will never depart. Many believe the illusion yet only God is real.

Many confess the curse, and to the devil kneel. Many choose the lie, and in God's promises belie.

Many murmur and deny and in the wilderness die. Awake from your sleep, for it was only a dream.

Those from the darkness keep; light from the beam. Rest upon the hard Stone and you will stay awake.

So when the thief comes home, from him you will take. Enter into Rest and cease from your own labor.

Have firm reliance in God to earn His favor. Enter through the narrow way while it is still day. And a giant with a Stone you too will slay.