The One and Only Real Thing

Jenn Reams

The One and Only Real Thing

Jenn Reams


Date: unknown

Though we be perplexed and sore-vexed sometimes poorly dressed stressed and hard-pressed on every side stripped of pride

but not denied express access with boldness we address... The throne of grace

that holy place if there's no trace of sin, condemned, in the dark

confession cleans the heart light gives us a fresh start so we can speak with Him face to face

Few are chosen from the many called who stand tall before the fall or let worldly cares build the wall

that blocks the light illuminating what's right in their own might they fight

the life Christ seeks to install They like to claim they are Christ's all the same

bringing shame to His name once believers, now deceivers chasing riches like retrievers

gossiping busy beavers while the true followers get the blame See, it's more than a feeling

you've got to be willing to know you need healing then stand thru earthquakes, flesh-aches

be hated for His name's sake to prove the love of Christ is not fake, but the One and only real thing