Belly of the Beast

Garrett Crawford

Belly of the Beast

Garrett Crawford


Date: unknown

I was livin' as a feast in the belly of the beast Never knowing to retreat with my feet from the street

I remained in the heat and remained in defeat All my pain was sustained cause I stayed in the game

I complained in the rain and refused to make change Said I couldn't ever make it man without getting high

Watching as my best friend and my brain cells died Trying to reach another level but I couldn't get a ride

With all the feelings inside playing tricks on my mind Taking ticks of the time to equip this with rhyme

Trying to figure out exactly what I am quick to define Reminiscing with my mind sends the chills down my spine

Cause it kills to remind of the drugs and crime All the weed and the wine, then I got a lot sicker

Cause I moved up in the game with the coke and the liquor Man I have seen the guns pulled as the deals went bad

Getting' closer to the grave because of powder in a bag Had me in the inner city and staring down a loaded mag

With an angel on my shoulder keeping me cause he knew That just about a year later I'd be and serving You

Date: unknown

Man your life is on the line and you keep thinking about that All this problematic static got your staring at the gat You're just daring to declare that the God above don't care

As you sat down in a chair trying to gather up a prayer Screaming out this isn't fair with your fist up in the air

Making amends for your sins then you feel that someone's there The wind comes rushing thru and you don't know what to do

Cause you saw the Son of God and He's staring back at you With the fire in His eyes that just penetrates your soul

You just think about the lies and all the stuff that you stole Then He goes to grab your hand and puts your finger in His palm

So you can feel, that it's real, where they stuck him with the steel When they nailed Him to the cross thru His hands and His heel

But it wasn't for a loss cause His plans have been revealed Just by God alone on His throne bought this ticket to get us home

Dropping this verse to make it known Jesus Christ has paid the loan

Date: unknown

I've been caught up in a daze keeping count of all the ways That I'm seeing people stray as I am walking down a maze

Getting' God up on my mind and kicking leaven to the curb Cause I boiled down the word and found religion is absurd

Now I'm livin what I'm given man and that is what I've heard Pulling fishes from the water cause I am washing in the Word

It's got me cautious as I grow this understanding like a lotus And I hope that you can notice what I'm saying is not bogus

Making music hitting quotas with the wisdom that He wrote us Seein' churches playing games turning Godliness to gain

People searching for the fame and making money off His name Keep um coming filling up, all the wrath in a cup

Man I can't believe my eyes cause I'm looking at the lies Hearing that you'll go to Hell if you don't keep on paying tithes

Man they treat us like were fans selling Christian contraband So I plan to make a stand and spread the truth across the land

And I'll start it where I can packing people in a van Taking turns to burn the idols as we toss them in a can

Don't be feeding on the fables with your head inside the sand Cause I'm coming turning tables over charging like ram

Praying to the God above that He will make um understand If you wanna serve the flesh, you ain't feeding on the lamb

Date: unknown

Latter rain is coming down, the church is going underground The beast is coming to devour up the saints with his power

Satan fell from heaven just to war with the saints And the rapture wasn't planned as a door of escape

We gotta go to war using faith as our sword Then we use the door to escape with the Lord

So commence with the mission spread the gospel to the nation Use your patience as your waitin' as the spirit goes to save men

But don't forget to pray when you're seeing Satan slay men Some will sacrifice their life, can I get an amen?

We've been lied to for years, TV preachers in our ears They been comforting the fears of the masses now for years

I had to turn it off, now it's nothing but an ornament The scriptures is my teacher not another TV preacher

Selling me a pack of lies concerning troubled times Scriptures that I find paint a different picture in mind


The imagination has the nation building an image out of gold Worship as you're told or you're left out in the cold

Soon enough Mark of Beast comes into defeat All of God's sheep but the righteous won't retreat

They posted in a battlefield, army of the Most High Wonder how that'll feel when I'm seeing most die

Open up your closed eyes and you'll see their souls rise To the one that's most high keeping alive the soul tie

Many men pretend that this is never gonna end It's a deception that they're in because they keep on loving sin


It's so evident what these signs represent The bull's-eye was hit when Jerusalem split

Planet X is coming near bringing changes in a year Men will faint from the fear when they recognize it's here

The earthquakes increase and the famines will explode You think it won't happen until it hits you at home

America will fall at the last trumpet call So I am asking for all to return to His law

I ain't gotta preach, you're gonna see it soon enough Man, your soul is like an engine so you better tune it up

Persecution coming quick but the church is kinda sick Her power don't exist cuz the idols in her midst

But God's got a remnant and He's pouring out His energy On a simple ministry that'll go to war with His enemies


I'm thinking 'bout the signs but just one comes to mind The covenant that is signed that puts the church into a bind

The world will raise up hand in hand in a government Brainwashed and loving it, as they go on shoving it

Down the church's throat, they'll be kicking down the door Taking away every freedom to just freely worship Lord

When Daniel didn't bow down you could hear the sound Of a needle hit the ground as the crowd looked around

Who's this man that rebels against Babylon's spell? The same one that was well and watching as it fell

So take a page of history and what it really truly means Worship this extreme and your life is on the line

They may throw you in the fire but He'll save you every time Only flesh is destroyed and the shackles that are broken

Can't match the strength of God and His words that are spoken So the water that your boats in -- you gotta let it soak in

Date: unknown

Man I 'm overloading beats with the words that He speaks Christ the King's on the scene and all my peeps have been redeemed

By Son of God's precious flow, man it cleanses white as snow Left to right head to toe, total coverage don't you know

Get it got it good to go, let me see your faith explode Chain reaction like explosions turning darkness into light

All the destructive doors are closing as you will to win the fight Supernatural understanding when you comprehend His plan

Just let that old man decay, keeping that beast inside at bay Man there's nothing you can't do with Jehovah over you

Let Him in and let Him thru, He'll complete the Christ in you Take the sword and slice in two that old man that's fighting you

Break his neck and tie it to all those giants that you slew Massive piles of defiled flesh that have got to be destroyed

Killing giants in the land and breaking all the contraband Crushing curses in your hand like they were some coffee cans

With Jesus Christ as your crutches you can stand and take the punches Healing people with your touches feeding men without the lunches

Come in power not discussion is what keeps the Christians coming Demons see um they start running as we cast 'em in the oven

Date: unknown

Time to go to war, now let's settle up the score Gonna take back all the land that the devil stole before

Casting down every idol man, and kicking down the door Marching up inside the morgue then just raising up the poor

Till I'm saying that I sore, then I do it all the more Gonna see His Kingdom come, gonna hear the bells ring

As the trumpets start sound and prepare for the King If you lay your life down then death doesn't have a sting

Some will stare unaware when they look up to the air Knowing that the seasons over and you gotta pay your dues

But if you read the Bible thru, then this shouldn't be news Cause the book is full of clues, and it showed u what to do

So you wouldn't have to lose, all you had to do was choose Just to put away your lust and sin, just begin trusting in

Jesus Christ to save your soul, heal your body make you whole Taking risks will takes it toll so you better breaks its hold

Before you get a tad too old and wind up with a heart of coal You can try and save your life but you'll never save your soul

Date: unknown

Had a Bible - read it and it felt so prophetic Cause the energy's kinetic and it healed me like a medic Once I saw it then I said it, speaking faith has got me headed

To the crucifix I dreaded where my enemy's beheaded Now I gotta go to war, put to death all the deeds Of the flesh that's in me like the depth of the sea

By just washing in an ocean of biblical notions Read the word in Romans, consider it an omen Cause God wants to hone in on a heart and own men

Free 'em of his own sins, use the Christ to clone men He counteracts the poison that I saw my boys in Grew 'em up quick and put their sin inside the toy bin

Turn 'em in to Lord's men burning up the cords in The fires and trials in the Great Tribulation That comes on the world and brings down the nations

Snatch up the saints with a great anticipation To the pearly gates for a supper celebration So we can commence with a sense of elation

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