Goodbye 2009 ... Hello 2010!

Diana Cole

Goodbye 2009 ... Hello 2010!

Diana Cole


Date: 2010-01-01

Like a mountainside, "Two Thousand Nine" ... was curvy, steep and rough, The arduous and uphill climb toward victory made me tough,

All else that I had trusted ... slowly rusted ... clear on through... With blistered feet ... the path I beat ... led me straight to You!

World mirages ... a broken promise ... from you I will abstain, Jabez taught me I should walk on paths that cause no pain,

Tighten up my blinders Lord, like those that guide a horse ... Help me to stay focused and loyal to Your course!

Allow me opportunities to share that You exist, I send up countless praises ... in loving fragrant mists,

I worship you with all my heart ... prostrate before your throne ... Thank You that You died for me ... and now I am Your own!

Another year has come and gone, it's now, "Two Thousand Ten" ... Brand new days of sunshine and days of rain and wind,

Your presence deeply comforts me ... who cares what's 'round the bend? Through Christ, I can do anything ... so let the games begin!