The Artist

David Whyte

The Artist

David Whyte


Date: unknown

As an artist creates in painting Scenes of peace and tranquility I create in you Oh My people

The same in reality As He sketches in outline and balance The things that soon shall be

I cause to be put in motion The forces that make you free Oh yield to my hands Oh clay

And bid Me to have free expression Hear what I have to say for life is the gift I petition

The heavens are my habitation the earth shall be My easel The crowning of My creation

Is Christ given for you As it was in the beginning

And so shall ever be My love for you Oh my people Shall span through all eternity These works of My hands I display

To the artist I give this lesson To you Oh man these words I say As a loved and sought for possession As a loved and sought for possession

Date: unknown

I woo you in the coolness of the evening I call in the night season I speak to you in the first watch

The second and third watch I coo to you in the dawning The sound of the turtle dove

Is heard in the land Who will respond? My beloved will hear He will stir at my first calling

He will lay awake and ponder The thoughts of his heart will be his rest He is founded in Me He is cast and forged as an instrument for threshing

He is fluid as the wind He is dauntless as the waves crashing a rugged coast line He ascends the craggy heights as the hind

He abases himself in humility before Me Oh I love him so!

Romans 8:19

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