Jesus, I Trust in You!

Cinda Berard

Jesus, I Trust in You!

Cinda Berard


Date: unknown

"I will cover your foolishness no more. Put me first and I will raise you up Into new ways in Me. Look not on the old Look to the new. I will refresh him

Who remains in Me. I long for consistency For faithfulness. Do not set your goals. No - Just allow yourself to be yielded And willing and I will use you.

Once I have spoken And make Myself and ways known, Be Obedient to me. Time is not a luxury. It is a tool, A stepping stone

From one miracle to another. Do not be a hindrance to others. Do not be found wavering Or rolling like a wave. Be found steady, solid, unmovable. Know who I am

Know who you are. Do not let anyone steal your crown, Your Salvation. I am a Jealous God. I desire to be first. Be careful of putting others before Me.

You will be misunderstood But that will turn around When time shows my favor on you. People who scoffed at you Will ask of you the Love That flows from me

Through you to them. I seek a Bride without spot or wrinkle. How hard it is for those who are married Or have a family. Their time is divided. Pray for them. Pray for families, for children.

More is required of you For I am your Husband. You belong to Me. Your time is not divided So you can give more. So why do you ignore me

When I call? You grieve Me. You spurn my Love so deep. Life is well and good in its place, But it must never replace Me The Author of Life.

It is because I love you That I scold you. I ask discipline, loyalty. I ask Love of you. When I can live in you And through you,

Then you are truly alive. Otherwise you are the walking dead, The tossing waves, The clouds without rain. And I will judge them. They show much but offer nothing.

Better that you judge yourself now And let Me correct you, Than I judge you in Eternity. Many goats will say they did things In My name, And I will say I never knew them.

What you do to others - You do to Me. Do you not understand this? Lift your hands in prayer And surrender In Worship - Magnify Me.

Surrender to Me. Lose yourself in Me. I will open your understanding Of who I Am, And who you are".

~ Jesus