The Choice

Christina Stewart

The Choice

Christina Stewart


Date: unknown

Nations mean to choose and to do their own will in the name of God and of country they kill, and from the beginning it's been the great hoax

to commandeer allegiance from us simple folks... "Sheeple" told to vote the choices they're given

but His sheep called to note the voice of their Sovereign, for there is another Kingdom with greater authority

whose only law is love and its subjects a minority: chosen, royal, holy, peculiar people and odd,

called out to live and show forth the praises of God. And if reviled, persecuted and mocked is the price,

gladly live and die and be martyred for Christ Who said, "Represent Me in this world, be not of it

for My enemies embrace the world and they love it". But to live is Christ and to die is gain

so let others vote Obama, let others choose McCain. Yet let us, dear brethren, remember Who we serve

Who redeemed us, forgave us, and loved us undeserved. There is no other choice for the born again

whose citizenship in this world must end, for this world must end; it's the system's fate,

so come out of her My people, before it's too late, for if you are Mine then it's you they will hate... Come out of her My people - now - in 2008.