An Eternal Nightmare

Bill Garthwaite

An Eternal Nightmare

Bill Garthwaite


Date: unknown

I had a dream the other night, And woke up soaked with sweat. Because of things God showed to me ... Things I can't forget!

In my dream I stood before A massive Golden Gate. As I began to walk on through, I heard a Voice say, ... "WAIT!"

I sensed the Presence of the Lord, But no one did I see. Then I turned ... and what I saw Put the FEAR of God in me! There were millions upon millions

Of tiny baby parts; Hands and feet and arms and legs, And little beating hearts. I could not bear to look upon

This expansive "human sea". And when I cried, "God what is this ...?" His response came back to me. "I gave my servant Moses

The command, 'Thou shalt not kill!' I am the Lord ... I have not changed And neither has my Will! "But you and others on the earth

Have EXCHANGED all my decrees, So you can satisfy your lust And live just as you please. "My laws mean nothing toyou.

You riot, rape and kill! I am no longer the God you serve, You worship YOUR god ... self-will! "You've legalized abortion.

'It's a woman's choice', you say, So you murder unborn babies ... 5,000 every day! "You thought when you dismembered ...

Unwanted babies that you bore, That you could just discard the parts And be bothered with them no more. "But I searched through all the garbage cans,

The toilets and debris, And gathered up these baby parts To form this 'human sea'." I turned my head and looked away

From the sight that I had seen. And as I did, the sky rolled back Like on a giant TV screen. Across the sky there were pictures formed,

I could see them everywhere. Each scene I saw, I knew quite well ... As though I had been there. I stood with fear and trembling

As I looked up at the screen. For the pictures that were shown to me Were filthy and obscene. Adults molesting children ...

What a sickening sight to see. While homosexuals filled the streets As they marched defiantly! Schools were filled with violence ...

No longer -- The Golden Rule! Then a Voice cried out ... "This all began When you took prayer out of school. "The Ten Commandments ... no longer are

Displayed upon the walls, Of your schools of Higher Learning Or your public building halls. "You blame the politicians

For the conditions in your land. You blame the religious leaders Because they do not 'take a stand'. "But you're the one who's guilty,

Not the others that you say For YOU ... could have made a difference If you'd taken time to pray. "You had the time to work each day.

At night you watched TV. You had the time for 'important things'. But you had no time for ME! "I called to you so often,

'Won't you please come unto Me? I'll forgive your sin and heal your land'. But you ... ignored My plea. "Depart from Me, you wicked one!

A prayerless life ... your crime. You'll have Eternity to think about ... Too busy ... and ... no time!"