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Angelica Garza

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Angelica Garza


Date: unknown

Not once but twice, plucked up by the roots. Behold these three years, I found no fruit. What more could I do for this tree?

It would not abide in me... Shepherds for hire, oh so cheap, 30 pieces of silver...the cost was steep.

Because of you, my people sleep... For I know your thoughts, and wicked they are, for this you shall be a falling star.

I have a people separate from thee, and worthy they are, for they love only me. They love not the world, no not their life, for the battle was won, he paid the price.

The salt and the light, oh how they shine, I tell you truly, they are here for a time. Give heed to my people, lest you run out of time.

Jesus is the way, the truth, the light. Repent and believe.

Date: unknown

The eyes of the people are all but dark They run swiftly to do evil, from this they will not depart... They hold dearly to their impenitent heart.

I suffered long with you for your sin I cried, Oh that you would hear my son, for this cause he died.

I knock and I knock, and you turn away. For this cause I will bring the evil day.

The blow will be mighty, your heart will break, surely I tell you, there is no escape. Come to my son, for he is the way

He shall keep you, lest you fall away... Lo alas I shall have my day.

Date: unknown

The wind and the waves, then a mighty quake How long till my people will wake?

Repent I say, return to me, soon there will be the parting of the red sea. Yes mockers there shall be, make your choice for eternity

I gave you my son, I will accept nothing else

Date: unknown

Tests and trials, matters of the heart Manifest yourself; I pray you not depart? The wheat and the tares, they grow alike,

Indeed they grow side by side, behold the sword as it divides… Wood hay and stubble, a work revealed

I would that you turn and your land be healed Bundles to burn, for you hated your brother

Did not I command thee to love one another? Cains and Ables, seeds alike, Sons of perdition shall not abide.

I come quickly; I have declared, Love your brother and be spared

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